From the idea to the finished product

We are a young, modern company and we have made it our mission to produce great accessories for the processing of composites. Following years of experience in the industry; with the founding of Dargewitz Composites and the manufacture of our own products, we are now taking the next step into the future.

15 years of experience


Market knowledge

We develop our own components

We develop the components especially required by our own ideas. Based on our experience, we specifically take on products which improve and simplify processing. Ideas can be implemented quickly and in a targeted manner without delays or external work.




Do you need your own solution?

Talk to us – we are also happy to manufacture your injection moulded part.


Automation makes us efficient

In our tooling shop, the mould plates are prepared according to our own specifications and can be used directly in our injection moulding plant. By using modern machines and a high degree of automation, we are fast and efficient.